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Zoom Coconut Shell Candles
Zoom Coconut Shell Candles
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Zoom Coconut Shell Candles

Coconut Shell Candles

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These artisan coconut shells set the elevated, earthy vibe you want for your home. Create a mindful moment each time you light one.

Incorporate natural materials into your decor to create a warm, welcoming environment. Our eco-friendly candles are hand poured into a real coconut shell using a naturally scented coconut-soy wax and feature a wooden wick that crackles when it burns.

All candles have a natural textured exterior made from a real coconut shell. Size, color, and shape can vary, allow for variances in wax and changes in color and texture when burning.

After burning, re-purpose the elevated aesthetic. Use the empty shell to store your sage, crystals, or matches.

    Keep a candle burning on your kitchen counter or in the entryway to welcome guests.

    Set the mood with the crackling wick candle on your coffee table or unwind with a candle by the bath.

    Choose your scent: Cinnamon, Coconut, or Vanilla

    Dimensions: Approx. 3" Interior (4" Exterior) Diameter x 3" H

    Made from real coconut shells. Size, color, and shape can vary.

    Material: Coconut shell, coconut-soy wax

    Burn time: 40 hours

    Plastic Free Packaging: Kraft box with paper padding. Box Dimensions: 4" W x 4" D x 4" H

    Coconut Shell Candles


    Choose Your Scent


    Delicate, natural.

    Evoke the subtle scent of cinnamon muffins in the oven (without any mess in the kitchen).


    Robust, forward.

    A throwback to the scented coconut oils of your youth, this tropical aroma brings to mind warm sand and a cool breeze.


    Classic, balanced.

    The most-loved scent in any home, immediately put your senses at ease with a straightforward, no fuss fragrance.

    Care Instructions

    For even burning of the wax, burn for 3 hours minimum at a time.

    Coconut shells may show signs of coconut oil on the exterior - monitor and keep the candle on a surface that can be wiped clean.

    After burning, wax may dry with a bumpy finish. This is natural and not cause for concern.

    Once cool, the wood wick can be trimmed down to keep the flame to a minimum on your next lighting.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended.


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